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Spray Foam Problems and the Solutions

Does spray foam smell and cause health issues?

Maybe you’ve read some negative stories regarding spray foam leaving a smell or people experiencing respiratory and other health issues after installing spray foam. The solution is to hire an experienced and certified professional.

Spray Polyurethane Foam is being manufactured directly on site and is a very technical process. There are many different things such as material temperatures, pressures, environmental factors to name a few that need to be addressed in order to spray good on ratio foam. Ventilation and keeping passes within a certain thickness also play a key role in a good install. Mistakes happen and equipment can fail…it happens to everyone. It is the spray foamers responsibility to identify and correct any issues and only install good foam. You want that person to be a Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance PCP Certified Master Installer like our very own Karen and Wesley Wikert.

Does spray foam attract pests?

Spray foamed spaces are less likely to encounter pests. Bugs and pests like to live in places near a food source. Spray foam is a synthetic product, which is not a food source for anything. It actually seals penetrations and places pests can enter your space, helping to keep pests out. Crawlspaces are damp and moist environments, increasing the likelihood that termites may find some wet and rotting wood they can destroy. You can protect your subfloor by applying closed cell spray foam which is a vapor barrier to keep the space not only dry but the floor above insulated as well.

Does spray foam create moisture issues?

People, pets, cooking, and cleaning are just a few things that create moisture and increase humidity levels. A humidity level somewhere between 30-50% is ideal. Above 50% would feel sticky and have a chance for mold and mildew. Lower than 30% would be too dry.

Spray foamed spaces that have increased moisture and humidity, typically have an improperly sized HVAC unit. The solution is to hire professional insulation and hvac contractors that understand the needs of your home or building and that requirements may be different with spray foam. The goal is to build tight and ventilate right.

The solution to problems with spray foam is to hire a certified professional spray foam contractor, a spray foam ambassador that cares about their trade and their customers.

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