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How much does spray foam insulation cost?

This is probably the first question customers have when contacting our company. It’s not an easy question to answer because each home, building, or space is different. There are also different types of foam and coatings may also need to be applied. A lot of factors go into each different insulation package.

Most folks understand that just like buying a vehicle there are different options available. A new Ford F150 base model regular cab is about $35k but the Platinum edition costs twice as much.

People are willing to spend double for a truck that has every option included because they appreciate how much more comfortable the Platinum model is to drive.

Homes are the same way, you can upgrade your framing package, your finishes, pretty much everything has a good, better, or best option. Insulation is no different and is a vital part of the building envelope. It is easy to change the color of your walls or pick a new flooring product out after a few years. Not so much with insulation, so it’s super important to choose the right product from the start. Keeping all of that in mind the average cost of insulating an average sized new construction home with spray foam is typically between $7500 and $15,000.

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