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Our spray foam is a high performance insulation product that delivers increased comfort and energy savings.


 Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

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Seeing is believing...Checkout this video comparing different insulations

grand prize winning rig

Spray Foam World Wide 2022 Grand Prize Winner

Mrs. Spray Foam had the incredible honor of winning the Spray Foam World Wide Grand Prize at our industry's largest event in 2022. Check out the story in Spray Foam Magazine for all the details.


Both photos are taken midday in attics during the middle of summer. The attic on the left is insulated with ~R30 blown in fiberglass. The attic on the right is insulated with 6" of Open Cell Spray Foam. Which attic do you think an HVAC will perform better in and is more efficient?

Mrs. Spray Foam proudly uses Graco Reactor© 3 Smart Drum-to-Gun spray technology along with Katalyst software. Providing our customers the highest level system intelligence to eliminate off ratio issues and deliver quality results every time.


What our customer's are saying

  • "We hired Mrs. Spray Foam to suck out our blown in

    attic insulation, seal the attic, and spray foam it.

    They continued to astound me every time I saw

    them as they:

    1: Showed up when they said they would

    2: Communicated clearly and often

    3: Cleaned up after themselves

    4: Took the time to explain anything I asked about

    5: Had a smile on their face

    Since getting back into the house we have already

    seen a drastic improvement in how often/long our

    HVAC runs. We are excited to see our gas bill this

    winter and our electric bill next summer. We can't

    speak more highly of Mrs. Spray Foam and would

    recommend them to any and everyone (and we

    already have with our friends!)" Paul

Let us help you go Green

We offer various spray foam solutions in order to meet the needs of every customer and type of building. Call us today to schedule a quote, or find out more about what services and products we offer!

Before Spray Foam

temperature in attic before spray foam insulation
temperature difference after spray foam

After Spray Foam

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF acts as a single-material solution for thermal, air, vapor and water (only closed cell) transmission through the home’s building envelope, or enclosure. Think of the enclosure of the home as what a set of clothing is for the human body on a windy, damp winter day. A sweater (fibrous insulation) provides insulation (R-value) to retain body heat – but it does not

stop wind (air movement) or control moisture. You would be very uncomfortable with just a sweater; you would be more comfortable adding a thin waterproof windbreaker (air barrier and vapor retarder). SPF insulation is the only insulation inside stud walls that can provide R-value, air barrier and vapor barrier in a single product.

As a thermal insulator, SPF is one of the highest performing insulations available. Spray applied by professional installers, the material forms in-place. It fully adheres and initially expands to eliminate cracks and gaps that leak air or water vapor. It may

also be applied in a continuous layer, eliminating most thermal bridges caused by framing. These thermal and air-sealing qualities of spray foam are what directly result in lower home energy bills. Closed-cell SPF, a denser and more rigid version of the material, also provides structural enhancement and can qualify as both a water vapor retarder, a water-resistant insulation and secondary water barrier. It may be applied on the interior of walls, as well as along exterior walls as continuous insulation – above or below grade.

(Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance 2021)


Spray Foam Technology


Open cell spray foam, or OC is a low density foam that is typically ~0.5lb/ft³. OC is an air barrier at 3.75" or greater and has an R-Value of 3.8 per inch. Open cell is a terrific insulator and offers tremendous soundproofing properties.


Closed cell spray foam, or CC is a medium density foam that is typically 2.0lb/ft³. CC is an air barrier at 1" or greater and has an R-Value of 7.0 per inch. Closed cell also includes the added benefits of providing a vapor/water barrier and increasing the building's structural strength. 


Specialty foams are also closed cell. However, these high density foams are typically 3.0lb/ft³ or greater and used in exterior applications such as roofing, concrete lifting, and marine projects.


The Science Behind Spray Foam


Myth #1: SPF is flammable

False...Cured SPF and the chemicals used to make SPF, are not flammable. They are considered ‘combustible’, which like many common building materials, including wood, means it requires a higher than normal temperature to ignite. And in some cases spray foam can improve fire safety by blocking flame spread inside frame walls.

Myth #2: SPF emits toxic chemicals

False...Following proper installation and curing, SPF does not outgas toxic chemicals. The SPF can help prevent unwanted infiltration of pollutants, allergens and moisture. Combined with proper mechanical ventilation, SPF can improve indoor air quality, Installers wear protective equipment mainly because of short-term chemical hazards during and within a few hours after application.

Myth #3: SPF attracts pests

False...SPF is not a food source for wood-destroying organisms like termites. SPF seals cracks and gaps in the home, reducing paths for entry of insects and other pests. SPF also controls infiltration of unwanted moisture, which termites need to thrive. When properly applied, SPF can be installed to allow for regular visual termite inspections by pest management professionals, providing no greater risk to termite damage than any other cavity insulation.

FACT: SPF doesn't allow buildings to breathe

Which is a good thing. SPF prevents the infiltration of unwanted moisture and exfiltration of conditioned air which, in turn, can reduce condensation that causes mold, mildew, poor indoor air quality, rot or corrosion of the home. A properly designed spray foam home will also include controlled ventilation to bring in small amounts of outside air to displace odors from normal homeowner activity while minimizing energy loss.

Who invented SPF?

Dr. Otto Bayer, the aspirin guy, discovered SPF in 1937. Initially it was used as a quick field repair during WWII to fix bombed runways, roads and bridges during the war. The energy crisis in the 70's lead to a boom for the SPF industry. Today, SPF's benefits make it the top choice for insulation in a world looking to reduce carbon footprints.




Areas in the CSRA we serve

Augusta, North Augusta, Evans, Aiken, Martinez, Grovetown, Harlem, Dearing, Appling, Thomson, Lincolnton, Washington, Hephzibah, Blythe, Keysville, Wrens, Warrenton, Graniteville,  Modoc, McCormick, Edgefield, Johnston, Trenton, Windsor, Williston, Barnw​ell, New Ellenton, Jackson, Beech Island

Are you ready to be more comfortable and energy efficient?

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